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Question. Earthworm is included in_____________?
  1. Kingdom Plantae
  2. Kingdom Protoctista
  3. Kingdom Monera
  4. Kingdom Animalia
Question. Root like structure in saprotrophic fungi are called_______________?
  1. Rhizodis
  2. Haustoria
  3. Hyphae
  4. Constricting rings
Question. Endoskeleton is secreted by?
  1. Ectoderm.
  2. Endoderm.
  3. Mesoderm.
  4. All of these
Question. Which of the following organisms have Chitin as a major structural component of their cell wall________________?
  1. Prokaryotae
  2. Protoctista
  3. Plantae
  4. Fungi
Question. Actin and myosin are the basic proteins involved in contractile machinery of our body to which type of proteins do they belong____________?
  1. Globular proteins
  2. Fibrous Proteins
  3. Both a and b
  4. None of these
Question. Locomotion in diatoms is carried out with the help of__________?
  1. Valve
  2. Raphe
  3. Pseudopodium
  4. Cilia or flagella
Question. Which of the following is not a viral disease?
  1. Cowpox
  2. Mumps
  3. Tetanus
  4. Small pox
Question. Fishes, most of the invertebrates and amphibians are examples of ________ animals?
  1. Endotherms
  2. Ectotherms
  3. Heterotherms
  4. Homeotherms
Question. Which of the following mechanism explains development of anemia in Renal failure?
  1. Failure of bone marrow is accompanied with renal failure.
  2. Destruction of RBC results from accumulated urea in the blood.
  3. Chronicity of the disease is respobsible for anemia
  4. Failure of proper RBC synthesis, due to lack of chemical stimulation.
Question. Secondary cell wall of sclerenchyma cells is impregnated with_________________?
  1. Cellulose.
  2. Peptidoglycan and murein.
  3. Lignin.
  4. Pectin.
Question. Primary structure of proteins determines__________?
  1. Number of polypeptide chains involved
  2. Bending of polypeptide chains
  3. Amino acid sequence
  4. Coiling of polypeptide chains
Question. The Kingdom of recyclers is known as kingdom_____________?
  1. Algae
  2. Bacteria
  3. Fungi
  4. Embryophata
Question. What is the mode of transmission of Hepatitis virus?
  1. Aerosol
  2. Parentral (via blood)
  3. Skin penetration
  4. Unknown