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Question. 1 mole of electron has mass in microgram_________________?
  1. 1.008 x 10-3
  2. 5.5 x 10-4
  3. 1.84 x 10-4
  4. 1.673 x 10-3
Question. Isomorphic substances have _______________?
  1. Same physical and chemical properties
  2. Same physical and different chemical properties
  3. Different physical and same chemical properties
  4. Different physical and chemical properties
Question. Which of the following molecule is polar__________________?
  1. CCI4
  2. CO2
  3. BF3
  4. none of the above
Question. For 3rd order reaction the hhalf life is inversely proportional to initial concentration of reactants__________________?
  1. Single
  2. Square
  3. Cube
  4. Raise to power four
Question. The geometry of ammonia is___________________?
  1. Tetrahedral
  2. Square planner
  3. Trigonal bipyramidal
  4. Trigonal Pyramidal
Question. Enthalpy of a reaction can be measured by ____________________?
  1. glass calorimeter
  2. manometer
  3. Barometer
  4. thermometer
Question. The type of filtering media used for filtration depending upon____________________?
  1. Nature of reactants
  2. Nature of crucible
  3. Nature of product
  4. Nature of precipitate
Question. Benzene is heated in air with V2O5 at 450°C it undergoes________________?
  1. Substitution reaction
  2. Addition reaction
  3. Elimination reaction
  4. Oxidation reaction
Question. Allotropic form of phosphorus that is poisonous is___________________?
  1. White
  2. Red
  3. Black
  4. Violet
Question. Pressure in gas discharge tube was kept________________?
  1. 10 torr
  2. 1 torr
  3. 0.1 torr
  4. 0.01 torr
Question. Which one of the following methods will not give benzene ?
  1. Heating sod. Salt of Benzoic acid with soda lime
  2. Distilling phenol with Zn dust
  3. Chlorobenzene with NaOH at 360°C & 150atm.
  4. Hydrolysis of benzene sulphonic acid with super heated steam
Question. Because of its ability to combine with both oxygen and nitrogen aluminium metal is used_____________?
  1. As nitrometer
  2. To remove air bubbles from molten metal
  3. To produce alloy
  4. As insulator
Question. Solution having the property of a very little change in pH on adding a small amount of strong acid or base is called________________?
  1. buffer solution
  2. normal solution
  3. standard solution
  4. neutral solution