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Question. Carbonates of lithium are not stable like that of sodium due to________________?
  1. Low electronegativity
  2. Low electropositivity
  3. Low charge density
  4. Not known yet
Question. The compound which is added to leaded gasoline to save engine from lead oxide and lead sulphate deposits is__________________?
  1. Ethylene iodide
  2. Ethylene bromide
  3. Ethylene chloride
  4. Ethylene fluoride
Question. Water absorber used in combustion analysis is___________________?
  1. 50% KOH
  2. Lime water
  3. CaCl2
  4. Mg (CIO4)2
Question. Elements of group IA IIA are _________________?
  1. Electronegative
  2. Electropositive
  3. Neutral
  4. IA is electropositive while IIA is electronegative
Question. Removal of CO2 is called_____________________?
  1. carboxylation
  2. decarboxylation
  3. esterification
  4. hydroxylation
Question. The basic hydrolysis of ethyl acetate produces__________________?
  1. ethanol
  2. acetic acid
  3. ethanol and acetic acid
  4. ethanol and sodium acetate
Question. Raney nickel is prepared from ______________________ by treating with caustic soda?
  1. Ni-Cu alloy
  2. Ni-Fe alloy
  3. Ni-Al alloy
  4. Ni-Mg alloy
Question. The common thing in phthalic acid and oxalic acid is that both are_________________?
  1. Aromatic
  2. Dicarboxylic
  3. Hydrocarbons
  4. Strong acids
Question. How many electrons are there in benzene to form delocalized electron cloud________________?
  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 6
  4. 8
Question. When light is exposed to transition element then electrons jump from lower orbitals to higher orbitals in______________________?
  1. orbitals of f-subshell
  2. orbitals of d-subshell
  3. orbitals of p-subshell
  4. both A & B
Question. Animal charcoal adsorbs the coloured_________________?
  1. impurities
  2. crystals
  3. solvents
  4. both A & B
Question. The partial pressure exerted by the water vapours is called_______________?
  1. Surface tension
  2. Aqueous tension
  3. Vapour pressure
  4. Hydraulic pressure
Question. Atomic radius can be determined by_________________?
  1. X – ray diffraction
  2. Spectrophotometer
  3. Optical microscope
  4. Electron microscope