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Question. The phenomenon in which a compound exists in two or more crystalline forms is called ________________?
  1. Isomorphism
  2. Polymorphism
  3. Anisotropy
  4. Allotropy
Question. Halides in which halogen atoms act as a bridge between two atoms of the other element are called___________________?
  1. Covalent halides
  2. Electronegative halides
  3. Polymeric halides
  4. Polymeric hydrides
Question. The mechanism by which the genetic information can be duplicated is called_________________?
  1. Duplication
  2. Transcription
  3. Replication
  4. Mutation
Question. Which one does not exhibit aldol condensation___________________?
  1. Ethanal
  2. Acetone
  3. Benzaldehyde
  4. Butanone
Question. The test which is used for the identification of amino-acids is_________________?
  1. Ninhydrin test
  2. Molisch test
  3. Biuretic test
  4. Benedict test
Question. Which one of the following set of raw material is most suitable for manufacture of urea ?
  1. CH4 N2 and CO2
  2. H2 N2 and CO
  3. H2 CO2 and H2O
  4. H2O N2 and H2
Question. A malleable solid is one which can be_________________?
  1. Converted into wires
  2. Converted into thin sheets
  3. Melted easily
  4. All of the above
Question. Which of following is not a base______________?
  1. KOH
  2. NH3
  3. PH3
  4. BF3
Question. Coal is produced after a long time decay of_________________?
  1. animals
  2. fossils
  3. wood
  4. all of the above
Question. The degree of dissociation of week electrolyte increases as________________?
  1. Pressure increases
  2. Dilution decreases
  3. Dilution increases
  4. None