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Question. Idea of pH and pOH was put forward by________________?
  1. Gibbs
  2. Einstein
  3. Sorenson
  4. Chadwick
Question. A specie with maximum number of unpaired electrons ?
  1. F
  2. H2O
  3. HF
  4. NH-2
Question. A single atom or group of atoms which gives characteristic properties to a compound is called_________________?
  1. radical
  2. hydrocarbon
  3. functional group
  4. ion
Question. Which one has the lowest density at room temperature ?
  1. Ne
  2. N2
  3. NH3
  4. CO
Question. Separation of a solid from its hot saturated solution by cooling is called__________________?
  1. vapourization
  2. solvent extraction
  3. filtration
  4. crystallization
Question. Chemical equilibrium state is_______________?
  1. dynamic state
  2. static state
  3. free state
  4. unidirectional state
Question. Which of the following methods is used to estimate hydrogen in an organic compound ?
  1. Combustion method
  2. Dumas method
  3. Kjeldahls method
  4. All of the above methods are for different purposes
Question. Which one is Chloroform_________________?
  1. CH2Cl2
  2. CH3Cl
  3. CHCl3
  4. CCl4
Question. _______________ can expel proteons from paraffins ?
  1. Electron
  2. Positron
  3. Neutron
  4. None of above has such capability
Question. In the van der Waals equation (P + n2a / v2) (v – nb) = nRT which of the following statement is not true ?
  1. n2a/v correct for the intermolecular forces.
  2. nb correct for the volume occupied by gas molecules.
  3. at high densities the equation reduces to the ideal gas law
  4. all of the above statements are correct.
Question. Which one is not state function ________________?
  1. Internal energy
  2. Enthalpy
  3. Gibbs free energy
  4. Work
Question. ________________ is study about energy of a chemical system ?
  1. thermochemistry
  2. thermodynamics
  3. chemical kinetics
  4. stoichiometry
Question. Which of the following is true in the case of Zn-Cu cell ?
  1. The flow of electrons takes place from copper to zinc
  2. E0red of copper electrode is less than that of zinc electrode
  3. Zinc acts as an anode and copper as cathode
  4. All are correct