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Computer Science MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, IT Mobile, Programming, Database, Networking, Security, Web Development

Question. Is a special type of integrity constraint that relates two relations & maintains consistency across the relations.
  1. Entity Integrity Constraints
  2. Referential Integrity Constraints
  3. Domain Integrity Constraints
  4. Domain Constraints
Question. A top-to-bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a
  1. Hierarchical schema
  2. Network schema
  3. Relational Schema
  4. All of the above
Question. Ms Word, by default, places a tab stop at every _________ mark on the ruler.
  1. .25″
  2. .5″
  3. .75″
  4. 1″
Question. Which of the following is an example for automatic text formatting_____________?
  1. Underlining hyperlink
  2. Adjusting extra space
  3. Replacing two -’s with an em hyphens
  4. All of above
Question. Handheld computer is also called__________?
  1. Palmtop computer
  2. Laptop computer
  3. Notebook computer
  4. None of these
Question. Which key is used to increase left indent in Ms Word?
  1. Ctrl+I
  2. Ctrl+M
  3. Alt+I
  4. F10
Question. Which type of computers uses the 8-bit code called EBCDIC?
  1. Minicomputers
  2. Microcomputers
  3. Mainframe computers
  4. Super computer
Question. Small squares, called _________, on the selection rectangle that surrounds a graphic can be used to change the dimensions of the graphics in Ms Word.
  1. scroll boxes
  2. sizing handles
  3. status indicators
  4. move handles
Question. CD-ROM is a
  1. Semiconductor memory
  2. Memory register
  3. Magnetic memory
  4. None of above
Question. SQL stands for ________?
  1. Straight Query Langauge
  2. Structured Query Langauge
  3. Structured Query Laison
  4. Structured Query Linear
Question. In Microsoft Word the shortcut SHIFT+DELETE is used to____________?
  1. Delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin
  2. Copy the selected item
  3. Rename the selected item
  4. Create a shortcut to the selected item
Question. _____ level is where the model becomes compatible executable code
  1. bstract level
  2. pplication level
  3. mplementation level
  4. ll of the above
Question. HTTPS stands for___________?
  1. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Section
  2. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
  3. Hypertext Transfer Protocol start
  4. None of these