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Question. Estimated value that is added to a product or material to each stage, of its manufacture or distribution, is known as ?
  1. Value addition
  2. Excise
  3. Value added
  4. Tax on stage
Question. The branch of economics concerned with providing funds to individuals, business and governments is called:
  1. Econometrics
  2. Microeconomics
  3. Macroeconomics
  4. Finance
Question. Setting call objectives is done during which of the following stages of the selling process?
  1. Prospecting
  2. Preapproach
  3. Approach
  4. Handling objections
Question. Hong Kong and South Korea are examples of developing nations that have recently pursued ________ industrialization policies?
  1. import substitution
  2. export promotion
  3. commercial dumping
  4. multilateral contract
Question. Highly-indebted poor countries (HIPCs) include________________?
  1. Bolivia
  2. - Benin
  3. I- Uganda
  4. - Tanzania
  5. I and II only
Question. An adjustment is made in wages that corresponds with the change in the cost of living. What this adjustment is called ?
  1. Free adjustment
  2. Cost effective adjustment
  3. Comparative adjustment
  4. Cost of living adjustment
Question. We measure national income by this method ?
  1. Expenditure method
  2. Income method
  3. Product method
  4. All of the above
Question. For equilibrium in an open four sector economy ?
  1. Actual injections = actual withdrawals
  2. Planned injections = planned withdrawals
  3. Savings = investment
  4. Government spending = tax revenue
Question. Which theory of economic management focuses on encouraging product through tax reduction ?
  1. Liberalism
  2. Free market economics
  3. Supply-side economics
  4. Supervised market
Question. The Cuban community in Miami is an example of______________?
  1. assimilation
  2. acculturation
  3. accommodation
  4. segregation
Question. _________ policies attempt to foster industrialization by establishing high barriers to imports of foreign goods to promote local production ?
  1. absolute advantage
  2. comparative advantage
  3. export-led growth
  4. import substitution
Question. Which of the following issues is related to microeconomics ?
  1. the impact of oil prices on car production
  2. The impact of money on inflation
  3. The impact of technology on economics growth
  4. The impact of the deficit on saving
Question. Which of the following is NOT true of primary relations ?
  1. they cannot exist in secondary groups
  2. they are always harmonious
  3. the family is the only source of primary relation
  4. all of the above