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Question. A critic of “Shock therapy” to transition economies. Vladamir Popov, contends that shock therapists put a heavy emphasis on ?
  1. introducing the reform package at once to ensure that it became too late and costly to reverse the reforms
  2. agricultural reform rather than industrial reforms to overcome food insecurity
  3. the creation of a small-scale private sector ans small independent banks
  4. attempts to gradually remake institutions
Question. For given government spending and taxation the government budget deficit will grow in _________ and decline in __________?
  1. booms, booms
  2. recession, recession
  3. booms, recessions
  4. recessions, booms
Question. An increase in the marginal propensity to consumer (MPC) ?
  1. raises the value of the multiplier
  2. has no impact on the value of the multiplier?
  3. rarely occurs because the MPC is set by congressional legislation
  4. lowers the value of the multiplier
Question. If the quantity of money demanded exceeds the quantity of money supplied then the interest rate will ?
  1. change in a certain direction
  2. remain constant
  3. fall
  4. rise
Question. The exchange system is based on_______________?
  1. government reaction
  2. supply and demand
  3. lack of labor
  4. goods and service
Question. An increase in the budget deficit will ?
  1. raise the real interest rate and decrease the quantity of loanable funds demanded for investment
  2. lower the real interest rate and increase the quantity of loaable funds demanded for investment
  3. raise the real interest rate and increase the quantity of loandable funds demanded for investment
  4. lower the real interest rate and decrease the quantity of loanable funds demanded for investment
Question. The development of modern culture is CHIEFLY dependent upon ?
  1. bifocalism
  2. upright posture
  3. grasping ability of the hand
  4. complex symbolic communication
Question. The rate at which a firm can substitute capital for labour and hold output constant is the ?
  1. marginal rate of factor substitution
  2. marginal rate of substitution
  3. law of diminishing marginal returns.
  4. marginal rate of production
Question. The knowledge of how the blood circulates in the body is a(n)______________?
  1. invention
  2. discovery
  3. diffusion
  4. innovation
Question. What is called that executive who is brought in to turn a company around and make it profitable ?
  1. Savior
  2. Company doctor
  3. Super manager
  4. Manager doctor
Question. Pivotal institutions_________________?
  1. arise from fundamental human needs
  2. include government the economy education the family and religion
  3. differ in traits and culture complexes from society to society
  4. all of the above
Question. Which of the following statements supports deregulation of industries ?
  1. Technological change has made it possible for many industries to become more competitive
  2. Because few real natural monopolies exist, there is rarely a reason for government regulation.
  3. Many instances of government regulation have succeeded in reducing competition in industries where competition may be beneficial
  4. All of the above
Question. When producers, wholesalers, and retailers act as a unified system they comprise a ?
  1. conventional marketing system
  2. power-based marketing system
  3. horizontal marketing system
  4. vertical marketing system