MCQs4All - Economics Collection

EconomicsMCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Economy, Finance, Accounting, MBA, BBA of past papers

Question. Which form of business organization falls between a corporation and partnership ?
  1. joint company
  2. Joint stock company
  3. Limited joint company
  4. Limited Company
Question. As of 2002, the ________ became the official currency union of the European Monetary System ?
  1. dollar
  2. mark
  3. franc
  4. euro
Question. A firm that breaks even after all economic costs are paid is earning ?
  1. Economic profit
  2. Accounting profit
  3. Normal profit
  4. Supernormal profit
Question. Products of the economy used in production as opposed to gifts of nature are______________?
  1. land
  2. labor
  3. capital
  4. entrepreneurship
Question. Structural functionalism is the intellectual descendent of________________?
  1. Marxism
  2. Social Darwinism
  3. Classical liberalism
  4. Classical conservatism