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Question. Economic theory predicts that a currency depreciation will least lead to an improvement in the home country’s trade balance when ?
  1. home demand for imports is inelastic and foreign export demand is inelastic
  2. home demand for imports is elastic and foreign export demand is inelastic
  3. home demand for imports is inelastic and foreign export demand is elastic
  4. home demand for imports is elastic and foreign export demand is elastic
Question. The failure of the League of Nation______________?
  1. occurred after President Wilson,s stroke
  2. was due to the Republican Senate,s opposition
  3. illustrated that national interest is more important than collective security or moral opposition to aggression
  4. was due to Marxism-Leninism
Question. To be considered a a good candidate for an export cartel, a commodity should ?
  1. be a manufactured goods
  2. be a primary product
  3. have high price elasticity of supply
  4. have a low price elasticity of demand
Question. The result of antidumping tariffs is to ?
  1. increase consumer surplus in the importing country
  2. decrease producer surplus in the importing country
  3. impose a price floor on foreign prices in the importing country
  4. impose a price ceiling on foreign price in the importing country
Question. Another way of saying that position in a group are value-rated by group members is_______________?
  1. statuses are ascribed
  2. authority is hierarchical
  3. statuses are ranked
  4. roles are scripted
Question. Cocoa is a tropical plant and requires heat and moisture. Which of the following countries is leading in cocoa productions in the World ?
  1. Brazil
  2. Nigeria
  3. Ghana
  4. Ivory Coast
Question. The female role as a passive and domestic creature may be conditioned by_______________?
  1. children’s picture books
  2. stress on male sports in school
  3. TV ads showing women as domestics
  4. all of the above
Question. Heavy Mechanical Complex Taxila was set up with the aid of ?
  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. USA
  4. UK
Question. The unemployment rate is the ?
  1. employed plus unemployed divided by labor force
  2. total employment divided by population
  3. labor force divided by population
  4. unemployed divided by employed
Question. What is the contribution of forestry to the agriculture sector ?
  1. 0.4%
  2. 3.4
  3. 1.4
  4. 2.4
Question. People manipulate the social world which helps them to______________?
  1. change the nature of the physical environment
  2. adapt to the environment
  3. take over the environment
  4. regulate the environment
Question. The blended family______________?
  1. consists of natural parents and children
  2. is another name for a childless family
  3. is made up of natural parents’ stepparents natural children and stepchildren
  4. is quite stable for children
Question. In the year 2010-11 what was per capita income ?
  1. $ 1095
  2. $ 905
  3. $ 945
  4. $ 975