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EconomicsMCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Economy, Finance, Accounting, MBA, BBA of past papers

Question. A crisis of legitimacy indicates that_______________?
  1. the social order requires piecemeal reform
  2. general apathy has overtaken the public
  3. the public perceives that legitimate government has failed
  4. better government propaganda is in order
Question. The middle- and low-income nation are located mostly in_______________?
  1. the southern regions of the world
  2. the North-South Axis
  3. the northern regions of the world
  4. the North and South Pole
Question. Suppose that 40 percent of the voting population wish to spent Rs1,000 for artwork in City Hall, 25 percent wish to spent Rs20,000 and 35 percent wish to spend Rs 22,000 What is the median preferred outcome, the average preferred outcome and the modal preferred outcome ?
  1. Rs20,000; Rs20,000; Rs22,000
  2. Rs1,000; Rs14,333; Rs1,000
  3. Rs20,000; Rs13,100; Rs1,000
  4. Rs1,000; Rs20,000; Rs22,000
Question. Find out the term for the purpose that a buyer must pay for the goods at the time of its delivery ?
  1. Barter
  2. payment on Delivery
  3. Gives in take
  4. Cash on Delivery
Question. Suppose two economists are arguing about policies that deal with unemployment One economist says the government should fight unemployment because it is the greatest social evil The other economist response Nonsense Inflation is the greatest social evil These economists ?
  1. really don’t disagree at all It just appears that they disagree.
  2. disagree because they have different values.
  3. none of these answers.
  4. disagree because they have different scientific judgments.
Question. American military policy has been built on___________________?
  1. assured destruction capability
  2. very large number of troops
  3. trust in U.S allies
  4. a spirit of peace in the world
Question. Laws are_______________?
  1. informal norms
  2. formal norms enforced by the state
  3. casual folkways
  4. less important than folkways
Question. Who among the following is most benefited from inflation ?
  1. Government pensioners
  2. Creditors
  3. Savings Bank Account holders
  4. Debtors
Question. Feudalism was undercut by?
  1. the migration of serfs to the town
  2. - factory competition with handicraft and manorial production
  3. I- expanded transport trade, discovery and new international markets
  4. - the rise of the business corporation
  5. I and II only
Question. The Democrats lost the presidential elections in 1984 and 1988 because of______________?
  1. split ticket voting
  2. huge political gaffes
  3. loss of direct contact with the electorate
  4. running the wrong candidates
Question. Reproduction outside the family__________________?
  1. cannot occur
  2. has not been positively sanctioned in any society
  3. reflects the norms and values of Pakistan society
  4. is considered a sin by all religions of the world
Question. In monopolistic competition ?
  1. Firms face a perfectly elastic demand curve
  2. All products are homogeneous
  3. Firms make normal profits in the long run
  4. There are barriers to entry to prevent entry
Question. The Setrite Corporation produce chairs. An economist working for the firm predicts that if people’s incomes rise next year, then the demand for our chairs will for our chairs will increase ceteris paribus The accuracy of the economist’s prediction depends on whether the chairs Setrite Produce ?
  1. have few substitutes.
  2. are normal goods
  3. have few complementary goods.
  4. have many complementary goods.