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Finance MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Accounting, MBA, BBA of past papers

Question. A risk associated with project and way considered by well diversified stockholder is classified as
  1. expected risk
  2. beta risk
  3. industry risk
  4. returning risk
Question. A risk which is classified as its contribution to risk of portfolio is classified as
  1. classified risk
  2. contributed risk
  3. irrelevant risk
  4. relevant risk
Question. A stock which is hybrid and works as a cross between debt and common stock is considered as
  1. hybrid stock
  2. common liabilities
  3. debt liabilities
  4. preferred stock
Question. A technique of lowering risk for multinational companies and globally designed portfolios is classified as
  1. national diversification
  2. behavioral diversification
  3. global diversification
  4. behavioral finance
Question. A tighter probability distribution shows the
  1. higher risk
  2. lower risk
  3. expected risk
  4. peaked risk
Question. A type of beta which incorporates about company such as changes in capital structure is classified as
  1. industry beta
  2. market beta
  3. subtracted beta
  4. fundamental beta
Question. A type of business ownership in which two or more entities join together for profit purpose is classified as
  1. partnership
  2. joint business
  3. joint profit
  4. corporate business
Question. A type of contract in which contract holder has right to sell an asset at specific period for predetermining price is classified as
  1. option
  2. written contract
  3. determined contract
  4. featured contract
Question. A type of project whose cash flows would not depend on each other is classified as
  1. project net gain
  2. independent projects
  3. dependent projects
  4. net value projects
Question. According to Black Scholes model, call option is well exercised on its
  1. mid buying date
  2. expiry date
  3. buying date
  4. mid selling date
Question. According to Black Scholes model, purchaser can borrow fraction of security at risk free interest rate which is
  1. short term
  2. long term
  3. transaction cost
  4. no transaction cost
Question. According to Black Scholes model, rate which is constant and known is classified as
  1. short term return rate
  2. long term return rate
  3. risk free interest rate
  4. risky rate of return
Question. According to Black Scholes model, selling and buying of stock have
  1. discount rate
  2. transaction costs
  3. no transaction costs
  4. no discounts