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Finance MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Accounting, MBA, BBA of past papers

Question. A type of security payment in which payments are made at equal intervals of time and each payment amount is same is classified as
  1. fixed interval investment
  2. fixed payment investment
  3. annuity
  4. lump sum amount
Question. Ability to trade at net price very quickly is classified as
  1. original trading
  2. liquidity
  3. offline trading
  4. fixed price trading
Question. According to Black Scholes model, short term seller receives todays price which
  1. short term cash proceeds
  2. proceeds in cheques
  3. full cash proceeds
  4. zero proceeds
Question. According to Black Scholes model, stocks with call option pays the
  1. dividends
  2. no dividends
  3. current price
  4. past price
Question. According to Black Scholes model, trading of securities and stock prices move respectively
  1. constant and randomly
  2. randomly and constant
  3. randomly and continuously
  4. continuously and randomly
Question. According to capital asset pricing model assumptions, investors will borrow unlimited amount of capital at any given
  1. identical and fixed returns
  2. risk free rate of interest
  3. fixed rate of interest
  4. risk free expected return
Question. According to capital asset pricing model assumptions, quantities of all assets are
  1. given and fixed
  2. not given and fixed
  3. not given and variable
  4. given and variable
Question. According to exercise value and option price, market value of option will be zero when
  1. stock price is maximum
  2. option price is zero
  3. stock price is zero
  4. stock price is minimum
Question. According to Fama French Three-Factor model, market value of company equity is used to calculate
  1. size of portfolio
  2. size of industry
  3. size of market
  4. size of company
Question. According to investors point of view, an expected rate of return is rate on stocks which they
  1. receive in future
  2. received in past
  3. yearly growth
  4. semi-annual growth
Question. According to market risk premium, an amount of risk premium depends upon investor
  1. risk taking
  2. risk aversion
  3. market aversion
  4. portfolio aversion
Question. According to probability distribution of rates of return, a close outcome to an expected value is shown by
  1. value distribution
  2. expected distribution
  3. more peaked distribution
  4. less peaked distribution
Question. According to put call parity relationship, a call option minus put option in addition with present value of exercise is equal to
  1. binomial property
  2. constant property
  3. constant and variable property
  4. stock