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Question. An amount of company retain earnings, return on equity and inflation are factors which effect
  1. earnings growth
  2. return on assets
  3. return on sales
  4. return on value
Question. An analysis and estimation of cash flows include
  1. input data and key output
  2. depreciation schedule
  3. net salvage values
  4. all of the above
Question. An analysis of decision making of investors and managers is classified as
  1. riskier finance
  2. behavioral finance
  3. premium finance
  4. buying finance
Question. An annual estimated costs of assets uses up every year are included
  1. depreciation and amortization
  2. net sales
  3. net profit
  4. net income
Question. An annual interest payment divided by current price of bond is considered as
  1. current yield
  2. maturity yield
  3. return yield
  4. earnings yield
Question. An annual rate of 16% if quoted by credit card issuer usually a bank is classified as
  1. loan rate of return
  2. local rate of return
  3. annual percentage rate
  4. annual rate of return
Question. An annuity with an extended life is classified as
  1. extended life
  2. perpetuity
  3. deferred perpetuity
  4. due perpetuity
Question. An attempt to make correction by adjusting historical beta to make it closer to an average beta is classified as
  1. adjusted stock
  2. adjusted beta
  3. adjusted coefficient
  4. adjusted risk
Question. An attitude of investor towards dealing with risk determines the
  1. rate of return
  2. rate of exchange
  3. rate of intrinsic stock
  4. rate of extrinsic stock
Question. An average inflation rate which is expected over life of security is classified as
  1. inflation premium
  2. off season premium
  3. nominal premium
  4. required premium
Question. An average return of portfolio divided by its coefficient of beta is classified as
  1. Sharpe's reward to variability ratio
  2. treynor's reward to volatility ratio
  3. Jensen's alpha
  4. treynor's variance to volatility ratio
Question. An average return of portfolio divided by its standard deviation is classified as
  1. Jensen's alpha
  2. Treynor's variance to volatility ratio
  3. Sharpe's reward to variability ratio
  4. Treynor's reward to volatility ratio
Question. An efficient market hypothesis states all public information which is reflected in current market prices is classified as
  1. weak form efficiency
  2. strong form efficiency
  3. market efficiency
  4. semi strong efficiency