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Finance MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Accounting, MBA, BBA of past papers

Question. Financial markets include___________?
  1. Primary markets
  2. Capital markets
  3. Physical asset markets
  4. All of above
Question. Which of the following strategy belongs to restrictive policy regarding size of investments in current assets?
  1. To maintain a high ratio of current assets to sales
  2. To maintain a low ratio of current assets to sales
  3. To less short-term debt and more long-term debt
  4. To more short-term debt and less long-term debt
Question. An analysis of decision making of investors and managers is classified as_________?
  1. Riskier finance
  2. Behavioral finance
  3. Premium finance
  4. Buying finance
Question. In cash flow estimation and risk analysis, real rate will be equal to nominal rate if there is__________?
  1. No inflation
  2. High inflation
  3. No transactions
  4. No acceleration
Question. A risk associated with project and way considered by well diversified stockholder is classified as______________?
  1. Expected risk
  2. Beta risk
  3. Industry risk
  4. Returning risk
Question. Tendency of measuring correlation of two variables is classified as_________?
  1. Tendency coefficient
  2. Variable coefficient
  3. Correlation coefficient
  4. Double coefficient
Question. Which of the following refers to the difference between the sale price and cost of inventory?
  1. Net loss
  2. Net worth
  3. Markup
  4. Markdown
  5. ad More about this Mcq
Question. Difference between actual return on stock and predicted return is considered as___________?
  1. Probability error
  2. Actual error
  3. Prediction error
  4. Random error
Question. Future beta is needed to calculate in most situations is classified as____________?
  1. Historical betas
  2. Adjusted betas
  3. Standard betas
  4. Varied betas
Question. An efficient set of portfolios represented through graph is classified as an__________?
  1. Attained frontier
  2. Efficient frontier
  3. Inefficient frontier
  4. Unattainable frontier
Question. _________ refers to the most valuable alternative that is given up if a particular investment is undertaken?
  1. Sunk cost
  2. Opportunity cost
  3. Financing cost
  4. All of the given options
Question. Project whose cash flows are sufficient to repay capital invested for rate of return then net present value will be_________?
  1. Negative
  2. Zero
  3. Positive
  4. Independent
Question. Federal government tax revenues if it exceeds government spending then it is classified as___________?
  1. Budget surplus
  2. Budget deficit
  3. Federal reserve
  4. Federal budget