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General Knowledge MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Inventions, Laws, Rulers, First, Largest, Smallest of past papers

Question. A book written by Isaac Newton is
  1. Natural Principal of Mathematical Philosophy
  2. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
  3. Equinox Principal of Philosophy
  4. Equinox Principal of Mathematics
Question. A real name of major trading port of India is
  1. Delhi Port
  2. Mumbai Port
  3. Chennai Port
  4. Port of Singapore
Question. A region in black hole of infinite space-time is classified as
  1. gravitational singularity
  2. gravitational plurality
  3. gravitational momentum
  4. magnetic plurality
Question. A steam shovel is a machine designed for moving and lifting material in mining industry such as rock and soil is invented in 1835 by
  1. William C. Durant
  2. William Otis
  3. Jacob Perkins
  4. John Gorrie
Question. Absorbent molecule of photons resulting in increase of
  1. electrons of molecule
  2. energy of molecule
  3. mass of molecule
  4. neutrons of molecule
Question. According to astronomers, solar and lunar eclipses are known as
  1. syzygy
  2. ariels
  3. tritons
  4. umriels
Question. According to Bohr, element which is responsible of nuclear fission is
  1. radium-228
  2. uranium-235
  3. uranium-238
  4. radium-230
Question. Aden is major port in
  1. Sudan
  2. Iran
  3. Yemen
  4. Singapore
Question. Adhesive bandage which is popularly known as Band Aid was invented by
  1. William
  2. George Fritts
  3. Malcolm Loughead
  4. Earle Dickson
Question. Africa shares its north boundary with
  1. Baltic Sea
  2. Black Sea
  3. Mediterranean Sea
  4. Red Sea
Question. Africa shares its north-east boundary with
  1. East Siberian Sea
  2. Sinai Peninsula
  3. Arabian Sea
  4. Persian Gulf
Question. Africa shares its south-east boundary with
  1. Baltic Sea
  2. East Siberian Sea
  3. Sinai Peninsula
  4. Indian Ocean
Question. Africa shares its west boundary with
  1. Indian Ocean
  2. Atlantic Ocean
  3. Red Sea
  4. Black Sea