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Question. Asteroid belt lies between two planets known as
  1. Earth and Mars
  2. Mercury and Venus
  3. Mars and Jupiter
  4. Venus and Earth
Question. Asteroid with icy outer crust and rocky core is
  1. Vesta
  2. Hygeia
  3. Ceres
  4. Pallas
Question. Asteroids known as M-type Asteroids are made up of
  1. metallic nickel iron
  2. mixtures of nickel iron
  3. mixtures of clay
  4. mixtures of silicon and iron ore
Question. Asteroids that are called Chondrites on basis of their composition are also known as
  1. S-type asteroids
  2. R-type asteroids
  3. C-type asteroids
  4. M-type asteroids
Question. Asteroids that are made up of mixtures of nickel-iron and silicate rocks are known as
  1. M-type asteroids
  2. S-type asteroids
  3. R-type asteroids
  4. C-type asteroids
Question. Asteroids that are made up of silicate rocks and clay are known as
  1. C-type asteroids
  2. M-type asteroids
  3. S-type asteroids
  4. R-type asteroids
Question. Asteroids that are referred as minor planets are also known as
  1. dwarf planets
  2. planetoids
  3. dwarf stars
  4. rock giants
Question. Astronomical Unit is for difference between
  1. Sun and Earth
  2. Sun and Moon
  3. Sun and Neptune
  4. Sun and Mercury
Question. Asia shares its North border with
  1. Africa
  2. Arctic Ocean
  3. Pacific Ocean
  4. Ural Mountains
Question. Asia shares its South border with
  1. Indian Ocean
  2. Mediterranean Sea
  3. Pacific Ocean
  4. Atlantic Ocean
Question. At time of establishment, name of Federal Bureau of Investigation was
  1. Central Intelligence Agency
  2. National Intelligence Agency
  3. Bureau of Justice
  4. Bureau of Investigation
Question. Atmosphere of Earth becomes thinner and thinner with the
  1. increase in altitude
  2. increase in latitude
  3. increase in longitude
  4. decrease in altitude
Question. Atmospheric density decreases with the
  1. increase in longitude
  2. decrease in altitude
  3. increase in altitude
  4. increase in latitude