MCQs4All - HRM Collection

HRM MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, MBA, BBA of past papers

Question. Assisting managers in HR functions of management, known as
  1. line manager
  2. First line supervisor
  3. staff manager
  4. all of above
Question. B.F Skinner proposed motivation model named as
  1. behavior modification
  2. behavior reinforcement
  3. behavior reshaping
  4. Both A and B
Question. Bankers and accountants are mostly having a specific personality type, known as
  1. realistic
  2. investigative
  3. artistic
  4. conventional
Question. Bankers are best classified in a personality type of
  1. realistic orientation
  2. investigative orientation
  3. social orientation
  4. conventional orientation
Question. Bargaining items that are neither mandatory nor illegal while negotiation parties do not compel each other for bargaining are classified as
  1. voluntary bargaining items
  2. permissible bargaining items
  3. illegal bargaining items
  4. both a and b
Question. Basic approach in employees performance compares with their current performance to
  1. set standards
  2. performance in previous years
  3. performance in last job
  4. none of above
Question. Basic difference between piecework and standard hour plan is of
  1. percent premium
  2. proportion premium
  3. fixed premium
  4. variable premium
Question. Behaving ethically is included in
  1. personal competencies
  2. interpersonal competencies
  3. business management
  4. Both A and C
Question. Career planning and development is an example of
  1. human process intervention
  2. techno structural interventions
  3. strategic intervention
  4. HRM interventions
Question. Career stage, in which person age is between 45 and 65 is concluded as
  1. exploration stage
  2. growth stage
  3. midcareer crisis sub stage
  4. maintenance stage
Question. Cash and stock bonuses for achieving short-term goals are included in
  1. long-term incentives
  2. short-term incentives
  3. pay scale
  4. ranking jobs
Question. Category which is not included in organizational development is
  1. techno structural
  2. strategic applications
  3. human process
  4. consolidation of gains
Question. Centers of expertise provide special assistance in
  1. updates regarding appraisal
  2. production department
  3. organizational change
  4. long term strategic plan