MCQs4All - HRM Collection

HRM MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, MBA, BBA of past papers

Question. A job analysis consists of
  1. job description
  2. job specification
  3. Both A and B
  4. none of above
Question. A job analysts task is to
  1. prepare job description
  2. integrate development activities
  3. develop compensation plans
  4. advise management
Question. A country in which headquarters of company are located are classified as
  1. Third country nationals
  2. home country nationals
  3. expatriates
  4. subordinates
Question. A cycle that starts from first job to promotion until retirement is called
  1. career management
  2. career management life cycle
  3. on boarding
  4. performance management
Question. A job enrichment is a way to
  1. motivate employees
  2. compensate employs
  3. staffing new employees
  4. all of above
Question. A list, consisting of job duties and responsibilities, part of
  1. job descriptions
  2. job analysis
  3. job specifications
  4. both A and C
Question. A manager have line or staff authority is determined by
  1. person in charge
  2. Name of person in charge
  3. type of department
  4. nature of relationship
Question. A manager reviewing Does employees training is adequate is part of
  1. antecedents
  2. behavior
  3. consequences
  4. counseling
Question. A manager teaches job-related skills in coaching for
  1. longer span of time
  2. shorter span of time
  3. resetting salary schedules
  4. self-managing teams
Question. A managerial approach, focusing on improving work methods, situation analysis and observation, known as
  1. linking performance and pay
  2. scientific management movement
  3. performance based system
  4. low-performance work system
Question. A marketing concept, holding a societys long-term interest, belongs to
  1. realistic orientation
  2. investigation oriented
  3. societal orientation
  4. art oriented
Question. A method in which corresponding points of each compensable factors for calculation of total point is called
  1. point method
  2. factor comparison
  3. job classification
  4. alternation ranking method
Question. A method, executives strengths and weaknesses are being questioned by external consultant, known as
  1. behavior modeling
  2. role playing
  3. in-house development center
  4. executive coach