MCQs4All - HRM Collection

HRM MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, MBA, BBA of past papers

Question. A technique is used for obtaining information from person orally and directly is called
  1. Interviews
  2. questionnaires
  3. appraisal interview
  4. none of above
Question. A technique, in which trainees are shown films on management techniques is called
  1. behavior modeling
  2. role playing
  3. in-house development center
  4. Both A and B
Question. A technique, including formal methods for testing effectiveness of training program, considered as
  1. design of evaluation
  2. controlled experimentation
  3. in-house development
  4. consolidation of gains
Question. A test, examinees respond to situations representing jobs, known as
  1. situational test
  2. reasoning test
  3. video simulation test
  4. job training
Question. A tests validity can be demonstrated in
  1. Two ways
  2. Three ways
  3. Four ways
  4. Five ways
Question. A validity test that contains a fair sample of performed tasks in actual job is called
  1. criterion validity
  2. content validity
  3. Score validity
  4. Both A and B
Question. A willful and deliberate violation of code of ethic of any organization is classified as
  1. misconduct
  2. lack of qualifications
  3. unsatisfactory satisfaction
  4. insubordination
Question. A pension plan, an employers acknowledgement of financial standing of employees account, placing percentage on basis of annual compensation and interest, regarded as
  1. cash balance plan
  2. severance pay plan
  3. early retirement window plan
  4. employee stock ownership plan
Question. A personnel plan requires forecast of
  1. personnel needs
  2. supply of inside candidates
  3. supply of outside candidates
  4. all of above
Question. A plan to accommodate employees preferences of planning for benefit, classified as
  1. cafeteria benefit plans
  2. fixed benefit plans
  3. flexible benefit plans
  4. both a and c
Question. A plan, offering a 75% base salary along with 25% incentives is classified as
  1. combination plan
  2. non commission plan
  3. competitive plan
  4. noncompetitive plan
Question. A job that helps employers to arrange job in relative worth is called
  1. benchmark jobs
  2. salary survey
  3. permanent job
  4. temporary job
Question. Accessing employees telephones and computers for monitoring employees rate and accuracy is
  1. critical incident method
  2. forced distribution method
  3. behaviorally anchored rating scale
  4. electronic performance monitoring