MCQs4All - HRM Collection

HRM MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, MBA, BBA of past papers

Question. An equal rating of all employees such as good is called
  1. lenient tendency
  2. strict tendency
  3. biasing tendency
  4. central tendency
Question. An equity theory of motivation applies to employees who are often
  1. under paid
  2. over paid
  3. regularly paid
  4. non paid internees
Question. An Equity theory of Motivation does not include
  1. internal equity
  2. external equity
  3. collective equity
  4. individual equity
Question. An evaluation process of employees performance, in comparison to set standards is called
  1. performance appraisal
  2. compensation
  3. counseling
  4. design of evaluation
Question. An event, employees participation in skills practice sessions, known as
  1. training and development
  2. performance appraisal
  3. recruiting and placement
  4. career planning workshops
Question. An example of variable pay is
  1. profit sharing plan
  2. pay for performance
  3. pay for skills
  4. pay for tenure
Question. An illegal strike which occurs during term of agreement is classified as
  1. wildcat strike
  2. unfair labor practice strike
  3. sympathy strike
  4. economic strike
Question. An informal employee-manager refers to
  1. social recognition program
  2. performance feedback
  3. non-financial awards
  4. financial awards
Question. An integral part of feedback process is
  1. direction sharing
  2. goal alignment
  3. ongoing performance monitoring
  4. coaching and development support
Question. An interview in which candidates are asked about relevant past experiences is a
  1. situational interview
  2. situational test
  3. behavioral tests
  4. job related questions
Question. An interview in which, candidate is asked about behavior in past for given situation is
  1. situational interview
  2. situational test
  3. behavioral tests
  4. job related questions
Question. An interview, candidates are being asked about relevant past experiences, known as
  1. situational interview
  2. stress interview
  3. behavioral test
  4. job related interview
Question. An interview, in which supervisor and subordinate review appraisal, called
  1. structured interview
  2. unstructured interview
  3. appraisal interview
  4. hiring interview