MCQs4All - HRM Collection

HRM MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, MBA, BBA of past papers

Question. An interview, in which you ask about a candidates behavior in a certain given situation is
  1. situational interview
  2. situational test
  3. behavioral tests
  4. job related questions
Question. An interview, in which you discuss persons career plans and plan professional development, it is said to be
  1. a satisfactory-promotable interview
  2. a satisfactory-not promotable interview
  3. an unsatisfactory-correctable interview
  4. an unsatisfactory-uncorrectable interview
Question. An interview, interviewer does not ask question as a set format, called
  1. non directive interview
  2. directive interview
  3. both A and B
  4. none of above
Question. An organized effort by union members to exert pressure on company by pressurizing customers, shareholders, directors and creditors is called
  1. wildcat campaign
  2. impasse campaign
  3. corporate campaign
  4. picket campaign
Question. An outline of chain of command and reporting relationships in form of chart, is stated in
  1. organization chart
  2. process chart
  3. process management
  4. production unit
Question. An overview of knowledge, skills and behaviors in a single diagram is called
  1. need analysis competency model
  2. competency model
  3. task analysis
  4. Both A and C
Question. An theory states that employees seek balance between offered services and taken salaries is called
  1. equity theory of motivation
  2. equity theory of salaries
  3. equity theory of wages
  4. equity theory of compression
Question. An underlying talent management components in software suites are
  1. e-recruiting
  2. e-training
  3. performance reviews and rewards
  4. all of above
Question. Analyzing and identifying specific skills, needed for specific job is called
  1. need analysis competency model
  2. competency model
  3. task analysis
  4. Both A and C
Question. Anchoring jobs and slotting other jobs accordingly is called
  1. benchmarking jobs
  2. evaluating pay scales
  3. evaluating pay grades
  4. evaluating internal equity
Question. Appraisals of employees must be discussed in context of
  1. employees' career aspirations
  2. performance applications
  3. industry leading compensation
  4. employee training
Question. Asking manager Does employee is informed about performance standards is part of
  1. antecedents
  2. behavior
  3. consequences
  4. counseling
Question. Assistance to top level management for strategic plans is provided by
  1. transactional HR group
  2. corporate HR group
  3. embedded HR group
  4. center of expertise