MCQs4All - Islamic Studies Collection

Islamic StudiesMCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Islamiat History, Quran, Ahadees, Law, Shariya of past papers

Question. The Kitab al-Athar is compiled by?
  1. Imam Abu Haneefa RA
  2. Imam Shafi RA
  3. Imam Ahmad bin Hambal RA
  4. Imam Malik RA
Question. The flesh of the slaughtered animals is divided into three portions. One third is for one’s own self. Another third for the poor and the needy and the last third is for__________?
  1. Imam Sahib
  2. Non-Muslims
  3. Relatives
  4. None of these
Question. ________ Verses were reveled in the first wahy.
  1. Four
  2. Five
  3. Six
  4. Seven
Question. Ozza was the name of___________?
  1. A specfic goddess of Quraish
  2. Honour and respect
  3. Name Of a tree
  4. Name of snake
Question. After first Wahi, Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) came home, then his wife Hazrat Khadija (R.A) took him with her to which cousin who was the scholar in inspiration books?
  1. Warqa bin Nophel
  2. Umar bin Alaas
  3. Umar bin Khatab
  4. Saeed bin Alaas
Question. Name the term whose avoidance is rewarding and although doing it, is not a sin, yet it is a sort of vice?
  1. Makruh-i-Tanzihi
  2. Makruh-i-Tehrimi
  3. Mubah
  4. Mustahab
Question. Abu jahal was killed in which gazwa
  1. Badr
  2. Uhd
  3. Ahzab
  4. Hunain
Question. What does mean by Hadi__________?
  1. One kind of Hajj
  2. Last pebble on throwing Iblees
  3. Animal to be sacrifice
  4. Last circle of Tawaf
Question. How many sons Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) had with Hazrat Maria al-qibtiya (RA)?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
Question. Who was the first female Shaheed of Islam?
  1. Hazrat Samiya (RA)
  2. Hazrat Nafeesa (RA)
  3. Hazrat Ummay Aimen (RA)
  4. None of these
Question. The Holy Prophet was a direct descendant of
  1. Hazrat Ismaeel (AS)
  2. Hazrat Eesaa (AS)
  3. Hazrat Da’ood (AS)
  4. Hazrat Saleh (AS)
Question. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived in Madina for __________ years.
  1. 8
  2. 9
  3. 10
  4. 11
Question. Hazrat Yousaf (AS) remained in the well for__________ days?
  1. 3 days
  2. 5 days
  3. 7 days
  4. 12 days