MCQs4All - Pak Study Collection

Pak Study MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Pakistan History, Current Affairs of past papers

Question. Which player had most ducks in PSL-3?
  1. Luke Ronchi
  2. Kamran Akmal
  3. Shaheen Shah
  4. M.Hafeez
Question. Kohat Tunnel Project is being completed with the financial aid of:
  1. Japan
  2. China
  3. Turkey
  4. USA
Question. The Supreme commander of Pakistan Armed Forces is?
  1. Army Chief
  2. Prime Minister
  3. President
  4. Governor
Question. Who is the Current Minister of Food, Law & Parliamentary in Balochistan?
  1. Syed Muhammad Raza
  2. Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti
  3. Mir Faiq Ali jamali
  4. Muhammad Saleh Bhootani
Question. Which Pakistani hockey legend is seeking to undergo heart transplant from India?
  1. Sohail abbass
  2. Mansoor ahmed
  3. Shabazz ahmed
  4. Shahnawaz shaikh
Question. How many members joint investigation team (JIT) formed by Sup­reme Court?
  1. 4 members (JIT) team
  2. 6 members (JIT) team
  3. 7 members (JIT) team
  4. None of these
Question. According to Business Insider 2018’s report, Pakistan is the___________ Powerful military in the world.
  1. 5th
  2. 9th
  3. 13th
  4. 18th
Question. “Shawala Teja Singh temple” is reopened after 72 years. it is located in_________ city of Pakistan?
  1. Multan
  2. Sialkot
  3. Faisalabad
  4. Sheikupura
Question. In FATA the tribal laws and judiciary function is looked by the _________?
  1. Jirgha
  2. Federal Govt
  3. Tribes Council
  4. All of them
Question. Who is leading Pashtun tahafuz movement,demanding security for Pakistani ethnic pashtun minority?
  1. Abu bakar siddique
  2. Manzoor Pashteen
  3. Said Alam
  4. Ali Wazir
Question. Who is the Current Chief of General Staff of Pakistan Army?
  1. Lieutenant General Salman Ashraf
  2. Lieutenant General Nadeem Raza
  3. Lieutenant General Bilal Akbar
  4. Lieutenant General Ahsan Saeed
Question. What is the Name of the highest Lake of Pakistan, which is recently Discovered by Omar Ahsan, head of the Karachi-based mountaineers Survival International?
  1. Rush Lake
  2. Barah Lake
  3. Attabad Lake
  4. Paristan Lake
Question. When PM Imran inaugurates online tracking system in Pakistan Railways?
  1. 9th, February 2019
  2. 10th, February 2019
  3. 11th, February 2019
  4. 12th, February 2019