MCQs4All - Pedagogy Collection

Pedagogy MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Teaching, CT, PTC, SST, B.Ed, M.Ed Test of past papers

Question. According to Emile, the noblest work in education is to make a/an___________?
  1. good citizen
  2. reasoning man
  3. thinker
  4. entrepreneur
Question. The base on which the subject activities and experience are planned is called________?
  1. Course
  2. Behavior
  3. Design
  4. Logical sequence
Question. The advocators of philosophy of Pragmatism believe that reality is____________?
  1. imagination
  2. stagnant
  3. constantly changing
  4. related to mind
Question. What type of class climate you would prefer?
  1. A well behaved class students speaking only when asked
  2. An active class following the rules prescribed by you
  3. A highly interactive and self disciplined class
  4. A quiet and highly attentive class
Question. Teacher-centered instruction which includes lecture, presentation and recitation is also known as___________?
  1. Classical Instruction
  2. Direct Instruction
  3. Old method Instruction
  4. None of these
Question. A good teacher is one who:
  1. is highly intelligent
  2. Has mastery over his teaching subject
  3. Lives simple life
  4. Has genuine interest in his students
Question. Which of these skills do you consider extremely important for a teacher?
  1. Listening Skills
  2. Managerial Skills
  3. Oration Skills
  4. Teaching Skills
Question. When a student asks a Question to which the teaching has no direct, correct answer. What should the teacher do?
  1. Tell the student not to ask such irrelevant
  2. Tell the student that he would give the correct answer later
  3. Give some vague answer and satisfy the student Questions
  4. Ask the student-to find out the answer himself from books in the library
Question. When the topic or an area of a course contains a lot of information, it is recommended to use?
  1. lecture method
  2. inquiry-based method
  3. cooperative method
  4. assignment method
Question. When students are asked to prepare an analysis of critic all features of an object or concept, the strategy is termed as__________?
  1. Sequencing
  2. Concept mapping
  3. Characterization
  4. None of these
Question. Why will you ask questions from students during the course of a lecture?
  1. To learn which one of the students is the brightest one
  2. Are the students carefully listening to your lecture?
  3. To learn whether students are understanding (the lecture) or not
  4. To assists the students
Question. The technique in which the students act out roles form stories or historical events, is termed as:
  1. Drama
  2. Simulation
  3. Play
  4. All of the above
Question. Realistic Education system supports the __________ progress.
  1. Natural
  2. Social
  3. Scientific
  4. Technical