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Question. Magnetic flux and flux density are related by___________________?
  1. magnetic flux = flux density / area
  2. magnetic flux = flux density x area
  3. flux density = magnetic flux area
  4. flux density = magnetic flux x area
Question. Radioactive materials can be identified by measuring their_______________?
  1. Hardness
  2. Density
  3. Mass
  4. Half life
Question. The pressure exerted by a column of mercury 76cm high and at 0°C is called_______________?
  1. 1 atmosphere
  2. 1 Newton per square meter
  3. 1 Pascal
  4. data is insufficient
Question. Boltzman constant K in terms of universal gas constant R and Avagadros number Na is give as_______________?
  1. K = RNa
  2. K = R/Na
  3. K = Na/Ra
  4. K = nRNa
Question. A convex lens gives a virtual image only when the objects lies_________________?
  1. between principal focus and center of curvature
  2. beyond 2 f
  3. at the principal focus
  4. between principal focus and optical center
Question. Energy needed to magnetize and demagnetize is represented by _________________?
  1. Hysteresis curve
  2. Hysteresis loop area
  3. Hysteresis loop
  4. Straight line
Question. Velocity of sound in vacuum is ____________________?
  1. 332 ms-1
  2. 320 ms-1
  3. Zero
  4. 224 ms-1
Question. The magnetic field strength of solenoid is__________________?
  1. B = μNI
  2. B = μN/I
  3. B = μnI
  4. Both B and C
Question. Various types of cancer are treated by_________________?
  1. Cobalt-60
  2. Strontium-90
  3. Carbon-14
  4. Nickel-63
Question. The value of the steady current which when flowing through the same resistor produces heat at the same rate as the mean rate of heat produced by the alternating current is__________________?
  1. Average current
  2. Sinusoidal current
  3. r.m.s current
  4. Net current
Question. The branch of physics which deals with the living things is called_________?
  1. biological sciences
  2. physical sciences
  3. cell systems
  4. elementary physics
Question. The effective way to increase the sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer is to___________________?
  1. use a very long and fine suspension
  2. use a coil of very large area
  3. use a coil with very large number of turns
  4. use a very strong magnetic field
Question. The characteristic X-rays spectrum is due to_____________?
  1. The illumination of the target metal by ultra-violet radiation
  2. The bombardment of the target by protons
  3. The bombardment of target by electrons
  4. The absorption of radiation by the target metal