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Question. The critical speed of an artificial satellite is_______________?
  1. 8 Kms-1
  2. 8.1 Kms-1
  3. 7.9 Kms-1
  4. 8 ms-1
Question. As the temperature of black body is raised the wavelength corresponding to maximum intensity________________?
  1. shifts towards longer wavelength
  2. shifts towards shorter wavelength
  3. remain the same
  4. shifts towards longer as well as shorter wavelengths
Question. When a force is parallel to the direction of motion of the body, then work done on the body is_____________________?
  1. zero
  2. minimum
  3. infinity
  4. maximum
Question. Inertia of an object is quantitative measure of its__________________?
  1. volume
  2. density
  3. mass
  4. temperature
Question. Which one of the following cannot be polarized ?
  1. radio waves
  2. ultraviolot rays
  3. X-rays
  4. sound waves
Question. Two vectors A and B are making angle θ with each other. The scalar projection of vector B on vector A is written as____________?
  1. A.B/A
  2. A.B/B
  3. A.cosθ
  4. Both a and b are correct
Question. A cup of milk is placed in a microwave oven. Tell which statements is false. (1) Milk will be heated up only. (2) Cup will remain cool. (3) Both cup and mild will get hot ?
  1. None
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
Question. SI unit of the coefficient of viscosity is___________________?
  1. Kg.m.S-1
  2. Kg m-1.S-1
  3. Kg.m.S
  4. Kg-1.m-1.S-1
Question. On the basis of band theory of solids the semiconductors have _____________________?
  1. A party filled valence band and totally empty conduction band
  2. A completely filled valence band a totally empty conduction band and a very wide forbidden band
  3. A completely filled valence band a partially filled conduction band and a narrow forbidden band
  4. A partly filled valence band a totally empty conduction band and a wide forbidden band
Question. For a gas obeying Boyles law if the pressure is doubled the volume becomes________________?
  1. double
  2. one half
  3. four times
  4. one fourth
Question. Which one of the following properties of light does not change with the nature of the medium ?
  1. velocity
  2. wavelength
  3. amplitude
  4. frequency
Question. X-rays are diffracted by a crystal but not by a diffraction grating because_____________?
  1. The ions in a crystal are well arranged
  2. The lines in a diffraction grating cannot reflect X-rays.
  3. The penetration power of X-rays is high in a diffraction grating
  4. The wavelengths of X-rays are of the same order of magnitude as the separation between atoms in a crystal
Question. When collision between the bodies in a system is inelastic in nature then for system ____________________?
  1. momentum changes but K.E remain conserve
  2. K.E changes but momentum remain conserve
  3. both momentum and K.E changes
  4. both momentum and K.E remain conserve