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Question. The deflection for 50 division of galvanometer is decreased to 25 divisions by shunt resistance of 12Ω. Galvanometer resistance is_____________?
  1. 18Ω
  2. 30Ω
  3. 24Ω
  4. 12Ω
Question. Central spot of Newtons rings __________________?
  1. bright
  2. dark for large wavelength
  3. dark
  4. bright for large wavelength
Question. The area under the force displacement graph represents__________________?
  1. area
  2. work done
  3. power
  4. none of these
Question. Total number of series in hydrogen spectrum is_____________?
  1. three
  2. four
  3. five
  4. six
Question. A 10Ω electric heater is connected to a 220V 50Hz mains supply. What is the peak value of the potential difference across the heater element ?
  1. 220V
  2. 220/ 2V
  3. 110V
  4. 220 √2V
Question. Blood vessels are______________?
  1. Rigid
  2. Not rigid
  3. Of glass
  4. Of rubber
Question. A changing magnetic flux produces around itself an induced_______________?
  1. Magnetic field
  2. Electric field
  3. Electromagnetic force
  4. Artificial gravitational field
Question. How much heat does a 40 W bulb generates in one hour ?
  1. 144000J
  2. 144J
  3. 1.44J
  4. 14J
Question. Work has the dimension as that of same as that of__________________?
  1. torque
  2. angular momentum
  3. linear momentum
  4. power
Question. Pair production takes place in the vicinity of a heavy nucleus so that_____________?
  1. Net energy is conserved
  2. Net charge is conserved
  3. Net momentum is conserved
  4. All of the above
Question. Moving along the circumference of a circle completes two revolutions. If the radius of the circular path is R, the ratio of displacement to the covered path will be_______________?
  1. πR
  2. 2πR
  3. 0
  4. 4πR
Question. During an encounter with an atom alpha particle knocks out ______________?
  1. Protons
  2. Electrons
  3. Neutrons
  4. Nothing
Question. Work done by variable force is determine by dividing____________________?
  1. force into small interval
  2. displacement into small interval
  3. both force and displacement into small intervals
  4. force into small and displacement into large intervals