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Physics MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Teaching, CT, PTC, SST, B.Ed, M.Ed Test of past papers

Question. A body will be in complete equilibrium when it is satisfying______________?
  1. 1st condition of equilibrium
  2. 2nd condition of equilibrium
  3. Both Ist and 2nd condition of equilibrium
  4. Impossible
Question. The Branch of Physics deals with highly energetic ions is called__________?
  1. Elementary articles
  2. Article physics
  3. Ionic physics
  4. Plasma physics
Question. If n number of the photon is striking on a metal surface then total momentum exerted is_______________?
  1. p
  2. n
  3. 0
  4. None
Question. The power of a concave lens is_______________?
  1. real
  2. virtual
  3. positive
  4. negative
Question. In vibratory motion_________________?
  1. P.E. remains constant
  2. K.E. remain constant
  3. total energy remains constant
  4. total momentum remains constant
Question. Materials in which valence electrons are tightly bound to their atoms at low temperature are called___________________?
  1. Semi conductor
  2. Super conductors
  3. Insulators
  4. Conductor
Question. What is the self-inductance of a coil in which an induced emf of 2V is set up when the current changes at the rate of 4 As-1 ?
  1. 0.5 mH
  2. 0.5H
  3. 2.0H
  4. 8.0H
Question. Resistance of an ideal insulator is __________________?
  1. infinite
  2. zero
  3. finite
  4. depends upon nature
Question. The span of the broad jump depends upon_______________?
  1. Mass of the jumper
  2. Height of jump
  3. Angle of projection
  4. None
Question. When A.C current passes through a capacitor then the current relationship will be_______________?
  1. The current lead voltage by phase angle is 90 degrees
  2. The voltage leads current by phase angle is 90 degrees
  3. The current lead voltage by phase angle is 45 degrees
  4. The voltage leads current by phase angle is 45 degrees
Question. In the capacitive circuit the current___________________?
  1. Lags behind voltage by π/2
  2. Is in phase with voltage
  3. Opposite in phase of voltage by π
  4. Leads forward the voltage by π/2
Question. Triple point of water is_____________________?
  1. 273°C at 6.11 Kpa
  2. 273K at 61.6 Kpa
  3. 273.16°C at 0.611 Kpa
  4. 273.16K at 750 Kpa
Question. The purpose of flywheel in the engines is________________?
  1. to smooth out the energy variation
  2. to add more weight to engine to work it stable
  3. to start engine
  4. both A and B