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Physics MCQs for NTS, FPSC, CSS, PPSC, PMS, UTS, FTS, OTS, Teaching, CT, PTC, SST, B.Ed, M.Ed Test of past papers

Question. Which one of the following is not an electromechanical instrument ?
  1. galvanometer
  2. voltmeter
  3. ammeter
  4. AC transformer and DC generator
Question. When fluid is incompressible then________________?
  1. The velocity of the fluid is constant
  2. The flow of the fluid is the straight line
  3. The density of the fluid is constant
  4. The volume of the fluid is constant
Question. A stone is thrown upward from the top of a 59.4m high cliff with an upward velocity component of 19.6m/s how long is the stone in the air?
  1. 4.00 s
  2. 5.00 s
  3. 6.00 s
  4. 7.00 s
Question. The co efficient of linear expansion is equal to__________?
  1. ΔL = αLΔT
  2. ΔL/LΔT
  3. LΔT/ΔL
  4. αLΔT-ΔL
Question. The radius of geostationary orbit from the centre of the earth is nearly______________?
  1. 42000km
  2. 36000km
  3. 24000 km
  4. 18000 km
Question. Minimum number of communication satellites required to cover the whole earth is______________?
  1. 4
  2. 3
  3. 2
  4. 5
Question. In n-p-n transistor, p works as______________?
  1. collector
  2. emitter
  3. base
  4. any of above
Question. Which branch of science plays an important role in the development of technology and engineering ?
  1. Chemistry
  2. Physics
  3. Geology
  4. Biology
Question. One radian is equal to______________?
  1. 67.3°
  2. 57.3°
  3. 87.3°
  4. 60°
Question. Work done on the body equals to the _____________________?
  1. change in its K.E always
  2. change in its P.E always
  3. change in its K.E and change in its P.E
  4. neither change in K.E and nor change in its P.E
Question. If the plane of the rectangular coil is parallel to the magnetic field (i.e radial magnetic field) the torque on the coil is_____________________?
  1. τ = NIAB cosφ
  2. τ = NIAB sinφ
  3. τ = NIAB tanφ
  4. τ = NIAB
Question. Choose the correct statement. In the case of AC circuit ohms law holds for_______________?
  1. Peak values of voltage and current
  2. Effective values of voltage and current
  3. Instantaneous values of voltage and current
  4. All of the above
Question. The energy of SHM is maximum at_______________?
  1. Mean position
  2. Extreme position
  3. In between mean and extreme
  4. All positions during SHM