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Question. The unit of radioactivity curie is equal to________________?
  1. 3.74 x 109 disintegration per sec
  2. 3.70 x 1010 disintegration per sec
  3. 3.55 x 1010 disintegration per sec
  4. 3.60 x 1010 disintegration per sec
Question. According to Pascals law the pressure of gas in a vessel is_____________?
  1. Different in different direction
  2. Same in all direction
  3. Same only along opposite directions
  4. Same only along normal directions
Question. In the electron microscope, electric & magnetic fields are used as_______________?
  1. Electromagnetic gun
  2. Source of electromagnetic waves
  3. Deflecting charged particle
  4. Converging source of electrons
Question. When two identical traveling waves are superimposed, the velocity of the resultant wave__________________?
  1. decreases
  2. increases
  3. remains unchanged
  4. becomes zero
Question. Numerical value of Boltzmanns constant is______________?
  1. 1.38×10-31JK-1
  2. 3.18×10-31JK-1
  3. 3.18×10-23JK-1
  4. 1.38×10-23JK-1
Question. A body in equilibrium__________________?
  1. Always at rest
  2. Always in uniform motion
  3. May be at rest or in uniform motion
  4. May be at rest or in motion
Question. The velocity of laser light is___________________?
  1. Less than ordinary light
  2. More than ordinary light
  3. Equal to ordinary light
  4. Different for different colours or frequency
Question. The flow of ideal fluid is always_______________?
  1. Turbulent
  2. Streamline
  3. Irregular
  4. Straight line
Question. Geothermal energy is a _______________________ source of energy?
  1. non-renewable
  2. stable
  3. renewable
  4. none of the above
Question. A simple pendulum suspended from the ceiling of a lift has time period T when the lift is at rest. When the lift falls freely, the time period is_________________?
  1. Infinite
  2. T/g
  3. Zero
  4. g/T
Question. The collision between two bodies be elastic if bodies are_________________?
  1. solid and soft
  2. soft and elastic
  3. solid and hard
  4. hard and elastic
Question. If a wheel of radius r turns through an angle of 30° then the distance through which any point on its rim moves is______________?
  1. π /3 x r
  2. π/6 x r
  3. V/30 x r
  4. π / 180 x r
Question. Sterilization of surgical instruments medical supplies and bandages can be done by exposing them to a beam of_______________?
  1. α-rays
  2. β-rays
  3. γ-rays
  4. B and C have equal antiseptic propertie