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  1. be a manufactured goods
  2. be a primary product
  3. have high price elasticity of supply
  4. have a low price elasticity of demand
  1. increase consumer surplus in the importing country
  2. decrease producer surplus in the importing country
  3. impose a price floor on foreign prices in the importing country
  4. impose a price ceiling on foreign price in the importing country
  1. statuses are ascribed
  2. authority is hierarchical
  3. statuses are ranked
  4. roles are scripted
  1. children’s picture books
  2. stress on male sports in school
  3. TV ads showing women as domestics
  4. all of the above
  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. USA
  4. UK

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  1. employed plus unemployed divided by labor force
  2. total employment divided by population
  3. labor force divided by population
  4. unemployed divided by employed
  1. change the nature of the physical environment
  2. adapt to the environment
  3. take over the environment
  4. regulate the environment
  1. consists of natural parents and children
  2. is another name for a childless family
  3. is made up of natural parents’ stepparents natural children and stepchildren
  4. is quite stable for children
  1. $ 1095
  2. $ 905
  3. $ 945
  4. $ 975
  1. Rapidly increasing prices in a certain sector or industry
  2. A temporary increases in the prices of several goods
  3. A general and consistent increase in prices in an economy
  4. Too little money choosing too many goods
  1. ceiling, stock building
  2. ceiling, capital prices
  3. floor, output
  4. floor, the capital-output ratio