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  1. marketing provides a guiding philosophy
  2. marketing is the only discipline that can provide a formal structure for the planning effort
  3. marketing provides inputs to strategic planners by helping to identify attractive market opportunities
  4. within individual business units marketing designs strategies for reaching the unit’s objectives
  1. a reduction in the taxes banks pay on their profits.
  2. an increase in the required reserve ratio
  3. an increase in the discount rate
  4. the Central bank buying government securities in the open market
  1. consumption expected future profits
  2. investment, interest rates
  3. investment expected future profits
  4. stock building interest rates
  1. The amount of tax paid will increase by Rs4,800
  2. The amount of tax paid will increase by Rs4,000
  3. The amount of tax paid will increase by Rs 800
  4. The total tax paid will be Rs4,800
  1. Enhancing the level of saving rate
  2. Discouraging the blockage of money in such schemes
  3. To encourage the investors to invest their capital in active business ventures
  4. To bridge the gap between their profit rate and Bank’s mark up rate on loans
  1. cost plus
  2. Cost effective
  3. End price
  4. Consumer price

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  1. Will usually lead to more people employed
  2. Will decrease total earning if the demand for labour is wage elastic
  3. is illegal in a free market
  4. will cause a shift in the demand for labour
  1. the value of taking a day off from work
  2. consulting services
  3. intermediate sales
  4. illegal drug sales
  5. housework
  1. increase a worker’s current income and permanent income
  2. reduce a worker’s current income but not necessarily their permanent income
  3. affect neither the current nor the permanent income of a worker
  4. reduce a worker’s permanent income but not their current income
  1. the social order requires piecemeal reform
  2. general apathy has overtaken the public
  3. the public perceives that legitimate government has failed
  4. better government propaganda is in order
  1. the southern regions of the world
  2. the North-South Axis
  3. the northern regions of the world
  4. the North and South Pole
  1. Barter
  2. payment on Delivery
  3. Gives in take
  4. Cash on Delivery